Medios Magnéticos 

Un módulo de la Suite de Localización

Increase the productivity and integration of corporate processes with our Magnetic Media module for Odoo Enterprise, which allows the generation of tax reports known in Colombia as magnetic media or exogenous information, on a national and district level (Bogotá only), which must be submitted annually by natural and legal persons.

This module allows to set different formats to be presented, which are related to the corporate purpose of the company and the requirements established by each entity. Once the formats have been set, the Odoo system will allow the necessary information to be exported in spreadsheets with the defined technical specifications.

These reports are based on the records found in the Odoo system, take into account the chart of  a accounts set in each company, our module facilitates the thorough review of each report achieving time optimization of the tasks manual execution.


  • Parametrización y reporte datos de terceros.

  •  Formatos y reportes requeridos por la DIAN.

  •  Informe en CSV y excel.

  •  Optimización de tiempo en la creación de exógena.

  •  Cumplimiento en todos los requerimientos de la DIAN.

  •  Y mucho más …

Optimizes time in the creation of exogenous information ¡Take a peek!


 Versiones compatibles 

V12.0     V13.0      V14.0

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