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Increase productivity and integration of corporate processes with our advance payments module for Odoo Enterprise. Although native Odoo has the possibility of registering an advance payment, it´s related to payable or receivable accounts
(1305 or 2205 for customers or suppliers as appropriate) and not to the accounts established for this according to Colombian accounting.

With our advance payments module, you will be able to set the accounting accounts related to each partner(client - supplier), therefore when an advance payment is registered, the system will create and entry in the accounting account previously assigned to the partner. An advance payment it is registered in the same way as a payment in Odoo, meaning that it is completely integrated, the only difference is that you will have to activate the "Advances" check box, which will be found in the form.


  • Podrás elegir la cuenta contable de anticipos de proveedores y clientes.

  •  Desde el pago del cliente o proveedor puedes elegir registrar el anticipo.

  •  Generación de asiento contable que cruza el anticipo con la cuenta por pagar o por cobrar generada por Odoo.

  •  Conciliación entre facturas y anticipos.

  •  Y mucho más …

Realiza tus anticipos de manera rápida y sencilla ¡Dale un vistazo! 


Versiones compatibles

 V13.0      V14.0

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